18th Annual Village Crawfish Festival

$40,000 raised for Growing Futures Early Education Center!

$40,000 raised for Growing Futures Early Education Center The Gods looked down on us all, this past Saturday in May, and bestowed upon us a most perfect time for a Blessed Crawfish Festival. Can I hear a Hallelujah! “Hallelujah!” Can I HEAR a Hallelujah! “Hallelujah!!!” Ahhhh, thank you.

Ya, it's about the Crawfish being spicy, the beer being cold, the beans and rice, veggies, pulled pork being just right and the Beignets (da Rotary killed 'em) being warm and powdered with care.

Ya, it's about the early evening acoustic music of "Stuck Behind a Semi" wafting through the tents, helping make pleasurable conversation, and setting the relaxing atmosphere that a Crawfish boil is.

Sure, it's about having a Crawfish Queen like Nicole Yates who graced us with her bright smile and engaging energy. And, it's about a band like Ernest James Zydeco, filling us with their magical sound and bringing us to our feet, making us boogie all night long.

And ya, it's about companies, families, volunteers and guests investing back into the community we share, so Growing Futures can continue to make a difference to some very important children and families.

Oh, and ya, it's about having Ima (Ima Mannequin) stand for hours on end, without that smile ever leaving her face, not minding all the arms wrapped around her shoulders and the beer/wine fueled sweet nothing's whispered in her ear.

da Crawdaddies, Overland Park South Rotary Club & Growing Futures Early Education Center all hope y'all had as good a time as it seemed like you were having. 'Cause by God, we sure did. Thanks for helping to raised $40,000 for Growing Futures. Let's do it all again in May '20, book it cher!