History of da Festival

Secret Order of Crawdaddies (SOC)

The Village Crawfish Festival event is organized and hosted by the Secret Order of Crawdaddies Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization, headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas. The SOC is committed to supporting Kansas City area children's charity (raising funds and awareness of), providing a unique function for the community and enjoying fraternity among its members.

Simple Beginnings: It all started when a couple of SOC founding members were craving boiled crawfish back in 2001. These two crawfish enthusiasts held their first annual boil inviting 30 people to share a hundred pounds of live crawfish flown from New Orleans to Kansas City for the party. The challenge was their friends didn't know how to peel the little crustaceans so a lot of time was spent giving peeling lessons. Those same friends are now skilled peelers and connoisseurs. Each year the invitation list grows as the word spreads.


da Crawdaddies, give or take a few.
da Crawdaddies, give or take one or two.


Co-hosted by Overland Park South Rotary

Overland Park South Rotary